About MadWizards.Net

This anonymous website is setup by scientists who are deeply worried about the climate catastrophe, which is well underway to irreversibly destroy our planet and society.

Instead of protecting our planet, politicians are protecting their capitalist overlords, and are planning to turn our free society into a surveilled society where messaging is constantly scanned, books are being banned, and climate activists are considered a high level threat. Our leaders have failed us. Democracy, in its current form, where lower educated people are subjected to mass disinformation and tricked into electing fascistic leaders, is a failed concept.

This website, which runs a couple of services, is setup to protect our rights and freedom of speech for as long as possible. Of course this website is also accessible via a TOR onion address.

We welcome knowledgeable participants. If you need a place where you can express yourself freely, need to have a truly anonymous email account, this is the place to be.

MadWizards.Net is an untraceable yet interconnected place for you to write and publish, powered by WriteFreely and ActivityPub.

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